Thursday, 15 June 2017

How News Events Impact the Trading Sphere?

The Forex exchange is heavily influenced by events and news surfacing around the world. For a trader to be ahead of the game, he/she would need to rely heavily on the developments occurring around the world, and be prepared to respond in the right manner to them. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the relation between news and trading, and how a trader can use it to his benefit. 

Statistical version of events – price action

Price action refers to the movement of prices in accordance with predictions of events that are to occur. It is responsible for creating trends in the market and laying the direction for price movements. It is futile to wait for an event to influence the market, for the concept of price action leaves the market responding to a particular event before the news of it comes out. 

Price action can be captured on technical analysis charts. This provides the most accurate reflection of the shift that is occurring and that will continue to occur in the market, contrary to the theories that analysts and traders formulate when observing the market. As a result, even the significance of the news event is less important than the impact it would stimulate on the markets.

Impact on trading

Having a close contact with the news can make an impact on a trader’s decisions. Traders who are made aware of a major news development might be compelled to make a decision even if in the statistical scene, the market condition has not changed. One also needs to consider that all news reports in the internet age would not be as reliable as they believe. Some of them may be less factually grounded than others. As a result, conflicting reports could lead people to make misinformed and wrong decisions.

Making the right decisions 

As mentioned above, there could be a vacuum between a person’s interpretation of an event, and its real impact on the Forex exchange. As a result, it is always important to treat the news stream from online sources with a skeptical and objective approach, and to never rush to decisions when reading them. After having learnt of important events, a trader needs to always correlate with the statistical interpretation of the news. As mentioned before, price action is the most accurate reflection of the influence of a news event, and this is the tool that a person must use to ensure that his trading decisions are not far removed from reality. 

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