Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Benefits of Futures Trading in Thailand Markets

What is Futures Trading?
Essentially a contract, futures is a derivative that allows the buyer and seller to buy/sell a particular commodity at some point in the future, whose price is fixed on the date of making the contract. Being a derivative, futures trading is incredibly advantageous in that traders need not own the underlying asset to profit from its growth.
Of the several trading markets available, futures see a lot of crowd. Along with the innate profitability, the added provision of leveraging allows traders to multiply their profits. 

Here are 4 reasons why futures trading in Thailand are one of the most beneficial trade markets: 

Futures Trading in Thailand
Futures Trading in Thailand

1) Leverage:
If you want to trade a stock valued at $10 with a futures contract, you need not to spend the complete $10 per share. Leveraging allows you to pay a margin amount and get access to high trading positions! One of the biggest advantages of futures trading is the ability to leverage positions, make big profits from them while only paying a portion of the necessary value.
2) Huge Profit Potential:
Though you only invest a margin amount, the profit potential remains unchanged. The futures trading markets have healthy liquidity percentages and done right, you can make stellar profits in your trades. When compared to markets like stocks or options, futures with its leveraged nature create a tremendous profit window.
3) Trade Both Ways:
It isn't just the uptrend’s that will move in your favor while futures trading, but even the downtrends! Futures trading markets allow you to trade both ways. Even on falling trends, so long as your strategy is adept, you can make amazing winnings. Other markets don't have this provision. Typically, a losing trend would indicate that your efforts will get washed up! 

But with futures, all you need do is be prepared with a trading strategy and any direction the market turns in, you will emerge victoriously.
4) Hedging:
An incredible way to balance out your losses and make sure you stay afloat is by hedging your losing trade. Hedging is the process of keeping a trade opposite to the one that's bringing in losses. This doesn't eliminate your losses but instead brings in enough profits to balance out the lost money. If you employ the right approach, you can even make marginal profits!
Futures trading in Thailand can be one of the best trading careers to undertake today. With the profitability scaling through the roof, the competition isn't going to be easy. Give yourself the edge over others! Sign up with WesternFX today and start making big profits! Our seasoned veterans will provide you with a best-in-class trading account to trade on and proven strategies to work with. Reach out to us now and try a Forex demo account today!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

4 Crucial Forex Trading Lessons To Learn From Professionals

Starting off isn't the easiest part in Forex trading. The minimal capital requirement and the huge number of opportunities make trading cushiony. However, even beginners are prone to making mistakes and suffering the repercussions. The mistakes a professional makes are of a different league when compared to the one a novice would, however, both pay the relatively same price for the level they're in. Many professionals have made it a point to help beginners dodge the pitfalls they fell in, so they can have a successful start!
Here are 4 Forex trading lessons every beginner can learn from professionals:
Forex Trading Lessons to Learn from Professionals
Forex Trading Lessons to Learn from Professionals

1) Plan Your Trades Out Clearly: Novices, caught in all that excitement, fail to plan properly. The drive to make a real-time trade and the desire to earn their first profit keeps them from prioritizing enhancing their strategy. Though the beginning few trades might be small in magnitude and easier than the ones that come down the line, for a newbie, it might not feel so. This is why it is important to devise strong Forex trading strategies and be prepared.
2) The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side: When you are just starting off with Forex trading in Thailand, it is easy to find yourself distracted by others' success. This will eventually drive you to think your strategy is bad and theirs is better. But that's not always the case. People who see consecutive wins have years of experience and are incredibly knowledgeable. To reach that level will take time. So meanwhile, focus on the smaller wins and give more importance to learning than earning. 
3) Losing Is Not A Shame: Traders want to have a perfect streak - both novices and professionals, but a consistent track record doesn't mean one that is loss-less! Every once in a while the markets will move against you and see an erratic trend, such scenarios typically end in a loss. This doesn't mean you're a bad trader or than failure is the only thing you will see thereon. Losses happen all the time! As an adept Forex trader in Thailand, your job is to get back up, move on and focus on the coming exchanges.
4) Always Keep Learning and Evolving: When you stop learning, that's the end of everything. One of the main reasons why several novices don't thrive while Forex trading in Thailand is because they find early contentment. Getting comfortable with one approach or just playing within a specific timeframe won't do you any good. Always keep learning new things and diversifying your approach accordingly.
Several expert Forex traders in Thailand have made mistakes small and big, and accordingly reaped! Their advice will be valuable and will serve as a guiding light. You can learn a lot more from our seasoned veterans at WesternFX today! Sign up now and avail our world-class brokerage!

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis - What Works Better?

Fundamental and technical analysis are strategic methods employed by traders worldwide to study currency market trends and make trades that bring in good profits. For long, the battle has raged between two factions - one that claims technical analysis to be superior and one that says the fundamental analysis is the best. Some even feel that both are equal! Does it boil down to preference or is there truly a superior method for performing analysis?
Fundamental Analysis:
Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis in Forex Trading
Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

Fundamental analysis is essentially the study of Forex trading markets powered by analyzing social, political and economic factors. These factors play a huge role in currency trading. The prices of currencies see shifts every time one or all of these fields are disrupted. If a company has a healthy economy, the currency value will be high, and vice versa. A good economy brings in good supply-demand ratios, which directly impact currency values. This is why you will find that the currencies of several countries go less-traded. There is seldom a hike in their value, making them unviable as a trading option. 

With fundamental analysis as your Forex trading strategy, you will aim at speculating how a market will function at a given point of time, with economic, social and political factors being the driving force. 
Technical Analysis:
Technical analysis, on the other hand, is the study of how a currency has behaved in the past, and how it might behave in the future. By employing technical indicators, analytical tools and using studies, traders aim to find profitable events in current markets. Technical analysis is a Forex trading strategy that ignores all of the fundamental factors and focuses solely on historic results.
Which One Is The Best?
Depending on how you want to approach Forex trading in Thailand - either might work for you! Traders have seen consistent success with both these methods. It ultimately boils down to personal taste. Demo practice and see the wonders for yourself! 
If you're getting started with Forex trading in Thailand - worry not, both means will help you see positive results in your trades. It comes down to implementation and how keenly you watch the markets! With many a trend available for the taking, you can make your way to the top swiftly! Sign up with WesternFX today, and avail from our range of stellar Forex trading strategies. We will guide you through strategizing and make sure your methods bring in wins! Call us now to know more.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Know the Real Advantages of Online Share Trading - Try Today

Often times in life we look for closure from the daily hustle. As ambitious and driven as one may be, the tire gets to us all. If you're stuck in a painful 9-5 routine that leaves you dried up and completely unmotivated at the end of a week - you can do better! Online trading is an option everyone tends to overlook, but its viability is incredible! For the ones who find their regular day jobs to be extremely taxing and numbing, online trading can be more than just a profitable career option.
Here are 4 amazing benefits of taking up online trading as a career:
Online share trading in Thailand
Online share trading in Thailand

1) Starting Off Is Completely Affordable: Want to start online share trading in Thailand? It won't cost you much! With minimal investments, you can begin stock trading and grow monumentally. In addition to this, you can participate in stock trading from the comfort of home. These benefits you won't find in a normal job, which will typically drain you and put you in extremely uncomfortable positions.
2) You're The Boss: The reins are yours to hold while online share trading in Thailand. You have all the control, and will not be answerable to anyone! This is why before stock trading, it is important to do the necessary research so you don't end up losing money to market risks and volatile events. That being said, you can always avail the guidance of a good broker and make sure mistakes made don't cost you high.
3) Trade from Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime: Be it by the beach, or in a deli, you can participate in online trading from anywhere. With a laptop, a trading platform and internet connection, you can get started almost immediately. Isn't that great? No more 9-5 and traveling long distances!
4) Profit Potential is Immense: Lastly, but definitely not the least - as a stock trader, you can make huge profits, provided you employ the right methods. You can also lose money while online share trading, which is why a good broker's assistance will be paramount.
Online share trading in Thailand is getting much-needed recognition with the crowds growing consistently. The beauty of it being that it can be pursued even part-time! So you get to work a day job and trade in your free time - ultimately making hefty money. Want to get started? Just call WesternFX and we will set you up with an account in no time! Assisted by our brokers, you will be able to find massive success in your online trading ventures.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Tips to Control Greediness in Forex trading & Develop Discipline

Money, isn't money the greatest thing to exist today? Foreign exchange rewards traders so generously that most of them get consumed by the idea of this very money. Profits lie in plenty in the Forex trading markets. As a Forex trader, the governing factor that draws you towards the markets is the prospect of profits. It is nothing to be ashamed of, everybody wants to get rich and successful. The line differentiating ambition from greed is very fine, and many traders end up inclining towards the wrong side of it - greed.
Having the ambition and desire to become a successful trader, having the fire to see profitable trades in your track record is a must. However, after the taste of profits it is easy to fall prey to the lure of money. This is where ambition undergoes a bitter metamorphosis and transforms into the vile element of greed. Once driven by greed, you will start making rash trades and narrow down on the idea of profits, ignoring the various dangerous underlying factors that will effortlessly topple your trades! 
Tips to Control Greediness in Forex Trading
Tips to Control Greediness in Forex Trading
Here's how you tackle this greed and stay humble in the lucrative Forex markets:
1) Focus on Bettering Your Strategy: Instead of aiming towards making money, aim at making your Forex trading strategies as efficient as it can get. This will not only help you land profits, but will also help make you a better trader at the end of the day!
2) Know When To Exit Trades: Don't make the mistake of holding on to losing trades. The fear of missing out (FOMO) leads several traders to hold on to losing positions, which never turns out well. Even if you haven't realized significant profits, exit trades when the time comes.
3) Take Losses Positively: Not all trades can be won in Forex trading. The markets can get incredibly volatile and you might have to take a few losses here and there! Let losses serve as a learning experience; once you lose money, you become alert to your mistake and won't let the same mishap occur twice.
The journey to success always begins with humility. No matter how profitable a trade might seem, you need to have the mental fortitude to eat no more than you can chew. Learn how to master your emotions as a trader and grow in the Forex trading markets - join hands with WesternFX today and perfect your Forex trading approach! Our seasoned experts will guide you through all aspects of trade physical and emotional, and ensure you blossom into an adept trader in no time. Call us today to know more!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Top 3 Forex Trading Indicators to Win the Trade in 2019

A trend following or a trend trading strategy is one where the role seems very simple right off the bat - to catch a profitable trend and ride it, but in reality, it's easier said than done. As a trend trader, the first task, catching trends, in itself is a difficult one. You will need to perform meticulous technical and fundamental analysis to have precise knowledge of when and where a trend might rise, how valuable it will be, and whether or not it is worth trading. Indicators are provisions that help traders get a clearer perspective of trading charts and make decisions more inclined to yield profitably.
Here are 3 of the best indicators for traders employing the trend following strategy:
Forex Trend Indicators to Create Trading Strategies
Forex Trend Indicators to Create Trading Strategies

1) Moving Average: A top-notch Forex trading indicator, the Moving Average (MA) is us by thousands to eliminate noise from charts and narrow in on the necessary. It is exactly as the name suggests an average of a security's value over a set period of time. MAs are used in Forex trading strategies predominantly to find out trend direction and see the support/resistance levels. Though incredibly useful on its own, it is often paired up with other technical indicators (MACD for example).
2) Relative Strength Index: The RSI is known as a momentum oscillator, used to study the speed at which price movements occur in a chart and the frequency at which they change. Oscillating between 0 and 100, the RSI indicates an overbought trend when it is above 70 and an oversold trend when below 30. It gives an overall idea about the efficiency and viability of a trend.
3) MACD: The Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a trend-following momentum indicator employed in Forex trading strategies to study the link between two moving average of an asset's value. By subtracting a 26 period EMA from a 12 period EMA, a MACD line is obtained. This line functions as a trigger for buy/sell signals.
As a Forex trading professional, these 3 will be your go-to indicators. Trends are indeed a trader's friend, and with the right indicator in your arsenal, you can catch the best of trends swiftly! Partner up with WesternFX - the world's leading Forex broker today, and employ from an array of meticulous trading tools! Our Forex exchange experts will provide you with the necessary guidance through trades, and equip you with the latest of trading platforms, to make sure your exchanges bring home wins. Call us today to know more!