Monday, 28 January 2019

4 Easy & Effective Steps to Achieving Forex Trading Success in 2019

Don’t let the competitive markets and the crowded nature of foreign exchange intimidate you! This 2019, you can turn around you trades and drive them towards towering success. All you need is a good handful of tips and the toughest of trades becomes easy. Agreed that Forex trading is a tricky field to thrive in, with the immense volatility and the erratic nature of the markets; with a disciplined approach, you can take to the top in no time.

4 Steps for You to Succeed as a Forex Trader in 2019:

Tips to Achieve Success in Forex Trading in Thailand
4 Common Tips to Win Forex Trading 2019
1) Plan out Your Trades from Scratch: Right from start to the finish, every aspect of your trade should be pre-planned if you want to see a consistent rate of success. A strong Forex trading strategy will help you ace your trades. Without knowing the proper entry, the apt positioning of a stop and the appropriate exit, you will have a troubling time trying to milk profits!
2) Demo Practice is Substantial: To perfect your trading approach, a good Forex demo account will provide the best start. On demo platforms, you can work out your strategy, learn different moves and get a clear idea of how a trade will go down. Keep in mind, however, that the real-time risks and movements can’t be replicated on a demo platform. But starting off, this will be ample.
3) Take Educated Risks: Without a hint of risk, big profits can’t be made. Take risks big and small, but only with proper studying of the markets. The repercussions are something you should be wary of before risking your money blindly while Forex trading in Vietnam.
4) Analyze and Review Your Methods: At the end of each day, review your trades. Self-analysis is crucial to grow and succeed as a Forex trader. When you go through your actions, it gives better insight into the possible moves you should take to see better profits. If you are experiencing a loss spell, this will help you rectify the problem, avoid it, and see profits in your coming Forex trading ventures!
What are you waiting for, get a Forex demo account today, and master the art of Forex trading in Thailand! Though difficult at first, with a stellar broker like WesternFX by your side, success will come by swiftly. Call us today and avail from our variety of currency trading solutions. Demo platforms, trading accounts, indicators, you name it – we will equip you with all the necessary to go out there and win!

Monday, 21 January 2019

5 Signs You’re Maturing as a better Trader in Forex Trading

Over the period of a few years, you will have to measure how far you've come, and how much farther there is to go on your path to achieving Forex trading success. The fascinating thing about foreign exchange is the immense depth it houses. You can never truly touch the bottom of the currency trading well! Year by year, sharper strategies are forged, more modern approaches are adopted and the global economy keeps all the traders on their toes - all this makes Forex trading a lively field to be in.
To survive on these dynamic grounds, you need to grow along with the market.
Here are 5 signs that will help you reflect on your improvement:
Signs to Examine Your Forex Trading Improvements
Signs to Examine Your Forex Trading Improvements
1) You are Abreast of Market News: The news is always on your fingertips. As an adept trader, you start realizing that Forex trading markets are heavily influenced by global happenings. This is what makes being updated with the news, a necessity. When you start trading with the news, growth is evident!
2) Analysis is Done Prior to Every Trade: Before every trade, you spend ample time analyzing the approach you're adopting. Be it strategies or indicator-implementation, everything needs a good revision to prevent the worst from happening. Once again, the sharp trader is never the fast one. Hastiness is something you will leave behind, and instead make educated calls, perform ample analysis and employ powerful Forex trading strategies
3) You Have A Diversified Approach: From major to exotic pairs, and from day trading to long-term strategies, you try the variety available. This will hint at a significant growth, and you know you have improved! A diverse approach is a profitable approach, and a safer one. As a smart Forex trader in Thailand, you should never keep all your eggs in one basket.
4) Healthy Risks are Taken: Risking is no forbidden act, but has to be done in healthy amounts. Risking a huge portion of your capital aimlessly or holding positions with no protective measures in place is not something a smart trader does!
5) You Play it Safe with Leverage: When you have mastered the usage of leverage, you have indeed learnt a good amount! Leveraging is a tricky and tempting element of Forex trading in Thailand and requires discipline to perfect. Leveraging too much or too less can never end well. 
Wisdom is an element gathered over time, and with wisdom lighting your way, success is bound to come your way. With a disciplined approach followed and a strong set of tools empowering your trades, you can transition into a professional Forex trader in Thailand in no time! WesternFX brings to you an arsenal of tailor-made Forex solutions for all your needs. Sign up with us, and join the top ranks at Forex trading in Thailand!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

MT4 Vs MT5 Features Comparison | Which is Best for Forex Trading 2019

Even the most skilled of traders require a tool that will help channel their techniques and reel in the expected results. This is what Forex trading platforms are for. With a trading platform, you get to employ a number of tools that let you analyze trades, speculate for potentially profitable trends and enter the ones you find best. In Forex trading markets, you can choose from a variety of such platforms, each designed to cater to different needs.
Though today we have a number of platforms at our disposal, MT4 and MT5 are the most prominent of trading accounts. Known for their versatility and simplicity in functioning, these platforms provide traders with a convenient experience while Forex trading in Thailand. However, 2 platforms can't be employed simultaneously! Try a Forex demo account here for free. 

Let's find out which one's the better platform between these two.

MT4 Vs MT5 Forex Trading Platforms Comparison
MT4 Vs MT5 Forex Trading Platforms Comparison

MetaTrader 4:
Prior to the introduction of MT5, MT4 was the industrial standard for a Forex trading platform. Used far and wide, this is the primary choice for many traders today. While it certainly provides the much-needed tools for trading, it does hold a few advantages over MT5.
  • Expert Advisors that support the native MetaQuote language. 
  • Takes up relatively lesser space, allowing you to easily accommodate this on smartphones. 
  • Equipped with a variety of strategies. 
  • Easily usable by novice traders.

MetaTrader 5:
The more recent version, this platform was released in 2010 and houses some major changes. While many consider it to be a better version of MT4, it is just a different trading account with its own set of advantages.
  • Houses a number of chart timeframes. This includes 11 types of minute charts, 7 hourly charts and a number of daily, weekly and yearly charts. 
  • Unlike the MT4, the MT5 can manage 2 stops and 6 pending orders simultaneously. 
  • Has a new and better MetaQuotes Language for programming Expert Advisors. 
  • Comes with an economic calendar that provides all kinds of data ranging from market information to release schedules. 
  • Comes with more technical indicators than its counterpart.

To succeed at Forex trading in Thailand, you will need to master the usage of a trading platform. Both of these are beneficial in their own way, and it ultimately comes down to how you adeptly employ them! At WesternFX, we have an arsenal of trading platforms for you to choose from. With our experts ever-present to guide you, you can dominate trades! Reach out to us today and get a stellar trading account in Thailand. Victory is just a call away!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

3 Essential Things to Make Your Forex Trading 2019 Successful

For most Forex traders, a new year means a new start. Several players leave behind their mistakes and aim at bettering their approach altogether, to have a more profitable successive year. This 2019, you can take your trades to the highest level! Typically when a new financial year commences, lots of opportunities make their way into the currency markets. A simple and disciplined approach will give you the perfect start to 2019.

Here are 3 Basics to Focus on While Forex trading in Thailand: 


3 Successful Forex Trading Tips
3 Successful Forex Trading Tips

 1) Reworking Your Strategy: This New Year will see a lot of changes in the way currencies are traded. Your Forex trading strategy has to be adept enough to keep up with the market! Start the year off with a reworked strategy; let no stagnation hinder you. Right from the entry/exit points, to the timeframes to the pairs traded, revise your choices and ensure you are equipped amply before trading. The early months are known to see high levels of volatility; an upgraded strategy is essential to counter this and turn the trades around in your favor!
2) Having a Good Trading Platform: Chart mapping, price movement analysis and other such activities are carried out on the trading platform employed. Without the necessary tools, catching a profitable trend becomes difficult! Foreign exchange is all about riding the most lucrative tide, and to do so, you need a well-developed trading platform. When assisted by strong trading tools, you can narrow in on the best of deals and capitalize wholly!
3) Reputed Brokerage: Last, but by no means the least, is the broker you partner up with. 2019 is going to be more competitive, and more difficult to thrive in. To survive and win in Forex trading in Thailand, you will need the best of brokers by your side! Scammers are on the rise; these agents fool novice Forex traders into investing huge sums on losing trades! So while you're counting lost dollars, they're enjoying the commissions earned. Make sure you sign up with a reputed broker this 2019.
2019 will be the best year for you if you follow the right approach. Backed by proven Forex trading strategies and excellent brokerage from WesternFX, you can climb to the top of Thailand's currency charts in no time! Call us today and get started with Forex trading in Thailand. Our experts have years of experience, and will equip you with strategies proven to win and a platform on which you can dominate!

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Types of Common Forex Trading Signals & How to Read It

The longer you spend time in currency markets, the more you realize how important each analytical tool is. Tools for identifying trends, for mitigating losses and for automating trades - today we can avail from a variety of such services and simplify the process of Forex trading. One such element of currency trading is a signal. To be put simply, Forex trading signals are information sent to you via SMS, emails or through social media that contain the necessary details regarding a trade or the market itself.

Who Generates These Forex Trading Signals?

Common Forex Trading Signals in the Market 2019
Common Forex Trading Signals in the Market 2019
Forex signals are provided by services that do this on a consistent and large-scale basis. You can choose to implement these signals yourself, or automatically. Like mentioned above, automated trading is a thing and several traders use it! While the idea does seem fascinating, keep in mind the costs. When you let the system do the work for you, there are no emotions involved. This might cause you to miss out on potential trades that your instincts might have guessed profitable rightly, but the system might deem it otherwise.
With enough experience, you can read signals manually and start capitalizing on the lucrative ones. While you do sacrifice the speed that an automated implementation provides, you get to control every move made instead!

Types of Forex Trading Signals:

Though each provider might cater differently, there are 4 common signals to look out for:
1) Action: Action in Forex trading markets can mean one of two things, buy or sell; and this signal precisely does that. A straightforward signal, it will inform whether to buy or sell.
2) Stop-loss: A stop-loss when in place will pull you out of a losing trade whenever the negative trend is spotted or a particular amount of loss has already been made.
3) Take Profit: The opposite of a stop order, take profit order take profits once a predetermined level has been achieved.
4) Current Market Price: This Forex trading signal works unlike the others; it is a pure information-based signal. This helps to compare the currency pair during the issuing of said signal with the price during order submission.
While employing signals and availing the assistance of signal providers, three things have to be kept in mind:
1) Know the Risks: Signals don't guarantee that you win the trade. Each trade made while Forex trading in Thailand comes with ample risks. These factors are important when availing signals, as traders blindly obey them.
2) Read the Markets: Market conditions can jump at any instance. As an adept trader, always read the markets before using signals.
3) Success is Never 100%: No matter how accurate the Forex trading signal, there can never be a guarantee that success will always come.
Forex trading in Thailand is an incredibly lucrative field today, and with the right Forex brokers by your side, you can avail more than just Forex trading signals! Call WesternFX today, and get yourself the best-in-class brokerage! With our professionals aiding you, you can ace the Thailand’s currency market and emerge successfully through all your trades!