Sunday, 30 September 2018

How To Make The Most Out Of Supply & Demand In Forex Trading

Trading is governed by the market's necessity for a particular asset. When there is a demand supply has to go up, and when the former is low, so is the latter. Every market has buyers and sellers; uptrend’s can be seen only when the number of buyers outweighs the number of sellers. During trends, buy orders flood the market and because price hikes, until seller enter and cater the same. This is called accumulation or demand, when bullish trends are seen. 

Bearish trends, on the other hand, form when there are more sellers than there are buy orders! This leads to distribution or supply. Forex trading strategies help study this up and downtrends, ultimately allowing you to make profitable calls!

Forex Trading - Supply & Demand Management
Forex Profit Making Tips by trading based on Supply & Demand

Supply and demand decides the outcome of each market, from small groceries to high-value currencies. When a buyer wants a certain product, its price will go up until the need for the said commodity is reduced. Likewise, the seller will have to reduce the product price if the market is weak, in order to create minimal interest in buyers!
Typically, before peaking, a trend starts off slow and the price is in the accumulation phase. After buyers notice it and start buying, the trend goes up till it reaches saturation. Here are 4 aspects of a healthy supply-demand zone in Forex:
1) Narrow Nature: A price spending too much time at a supply zone isn't something you want to see. A good supply zone is narrow and shortly held. This helps in finding reentries in the events of a pullback.
2) Stronger Breakouts: With strong buyer interests, prices start to leave the supply zone and trend. Demand zones are better with strong breakouts, and these are caused when there is an imbalance between buyers and sellers.
3) Fresh Zones: Supply zones indicate weakness in a price. Every time prices revisit supply zones, their value goes down.  Ensure freshness in the zone while trading supply.
4) Volatile Nature: Before a breakout, the supply/demand zone must display a narrow price behavior. The narrower the zone is the better the chances for a good breakout reaction.
Succeeding at Forex relies heavily on trends and capitalizing on them. Markets are influenced heavily by customer mentality. Unless there's a need for a commodity, it won't survive in the market! There are several such Forex trading tips that will greatly help you. Get the best tactics and cement your career in foreign exchange, call WesternFX today! Equip yourself with the best of strategies and amazing tactics to dominate the game.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Advantages of Using Forex Demo Account to Learn Forex Trading

Today, foreign exchange has become huge sought after, with thousands of traders constantly in search of the perfect formula for victory. Unfortunately, there isn't one! Forex, one of the most profitable branches of trades, is also the most risky venture of all. The only way to win at currency trading is with constant practice and research. To aid traders with this, Forex demo accounts are given. These platforms provide traders with the perfect space to learn the basics, intermediate steps, and practice currency exchange on a virtual platform till he can go live-trade!
Here's why demo trading is the best start to your Forex career:

Advantages of Forex Demo Account
Benefits of Forex Demo Account

1) Real-time Practice: The best way to learn a trade is to do it. Demo accounts provide that very advantage to FX players. Reading books and working out the math is good, but carrying out a trade in a simulated platform is times better! Though demo trades aren't live, they work in a simulated environment with a mock currency. Here you can watch the outcome of your actions without having to fear any harmful repercussions.
2) Platform Knowledge: An adept trader is one who has a full grip over his trading tools. There are several indicators, mechanisms in Forex trading that are absolutely necessary to win trades. However, getting a hold over these is no easy task. With a demo platform, you can practice and test out each of these tools and the effect they have on the markets. From risk-management to accurate speculations, you will need the assistance of multiple such mechanisms!
3) Strategy Testing: Something which even professionals do is devising new strategies and testing it. This breaks the common misconception that only novice traders ought to avail demo facilities. To stay consistent in Forex trading requires the ability to strategize sharply. There are several plans across multiple timeframes, to ensure traders have a flexible path to victory! Transitioning into a professional requires immaculate focus and to be able to devise stellar plans for every condition. With a demo account, you can work on any timeframe, with any currency and for however long, till you have come up with a suitable plan for your styles.
Demo accounts are often ignored, and several traders lunge into the markets without any practice! To reach the top takes a lot of experience and months of practice - the best way to avail both in a short amount of time is through demo platforms. You can get the best Forex demo account in Thailand today- call WesternFX! We will equip you with an amazing platform, demo and live, and assist you to victory!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Thailand's Best Forex Trading Strategies that Works in 2018

Over the years, Forex trading has evolved into an immensely competitive, yet lucrative field. Traders enter in thousands, with a singular aim of profiting big. Foreign exchange may promise good returns, but to get to the top is no easy task. Over 90% of traders fail their trades and end up in mounting losses. Succeeding in Forex requires years of experience and the patience to let your $100 grow into $100,000. The need for profits drives several traders to rush their trades and lose all capital. The leveraged environment of currency exchange can be very unpredictable, and risks lurk at every corner.
To see victories in Forex, you need to equip yourself with winning strategies:

Best Forex Trading Strategies in Thailand
Thailand Forex Trading Strategies
1) Day Trading: Day trading is one of the most efficient Forex trading strategies. Being a short-term plan, it requires constant focus and intense research. Day traders work on small timeframes of a few minutes to hours. Every trade commences and ends on the same day. The foreign exchange markets have certain periods during the day when it is most volatile, as a day trader, your job is to capitalize on this intraday volatility. The major market movements will seldom get to you because you work on lower timeframes!
2) Scalping: The king of short-term strategies, scalping can be incredibly engaging and profitable in the right hands. With a time span of a few minutes or lesser, this technique involves impeccable focus and yield tremendous results, done right. Scalpers don't get one big profit; instead, they rely on smaller profits at a consistent rate. Since Forex trading is invariably volatile, market movements are repetitive. Working on a small scale, you can profit hugely from these price movements.
3) Position Trading: A long-term and more stable trading strategy, position trading requires grit and patience to pull through. Position traders hold currencies for weeks, months, or even years at a time. They are less active compared to short-term investors since long-term growth takes time. These traders are unaffected by short-term fluctuations since their main focus is on one big hike for them to capitalize on. By employing technical and fundamental analysis, these traders make the most out of position trading.
Devising Forex trading strategies is one of the most crucial aspects of currency trading. Several traders don't see the light of success due to a shabby plan! Don't make the same mistake, work with world-class brokers and groundbreaking strategies - call WesternFX! Our brokers will equip you with the best of facilities and ensure you dominate every trade!

Monday, 10 September 2018

4 Tips to Select a Better Forex Broker in 2018

Foreign exchange isn't a one-man show. To succeed in this field, you will need consistent assistance! From providing training grounds to helping devise strategies, brokers play a critical role in trading. Several traders lose due to partnering with an inefficient broker! With a good agent's assistance, you can train on demo platforms, learn how to plan entries and master risk management. With the brokerage industry becoming crowded by the day, judging their quality and efficiency has become a tough task. The industry is now home to several scammers and bad brokers, you can never be too careful while selecting yours!
Here are 4 important things to remember while choosing your broker:
Best Forex Trader Selection Methods
Best Forex Brokers Selection Methods

1) Payment Issues: Payment can pertain to how you pay, the safety of your money, and how you get the profits into your account. Money governs Forex, and with an inefficient agent, you will get late payments or get caught in haphazard transactions! Ensure your online broker provides quick transactional means through global payment apps like PayPal and charges genuine spreads. Novices often end up paying extra under the pretext of "guaranteed profits" and "100% returns".
2) Currencies Offered: Despite of contrary belief, simply trading the top currencies won't fetch you much! There are times when even strong pairs like USD/EUR, USD/JPY take a dip. This is why diversification is always better. Currencies at the lower end can also birth profits when traded right. Ensure your broker provides all or most of the currencies!
3) Location: Having a broker nearby is far more efficient than partnering with someone from a different time-zone! Getting in touch and working on same timeframes will come in handy when your broker is in the same vicinity. This proves amply useful when you have to make nick-of-the-moment decisions; without a reliable broker, your trades will crash!
4) Regulation and Reputation: As Forex's popularity grows, the number of brokers is increasing phenomenally. Amidst such a crowd, how do you find the best egg? By checking for regulation and reputation. A regulated Forex broker means you are protected from scams and ill-occurrences. Financial bodies govern the broker's workings and ensure nothing fishy goes down. Similarly, reputation plays a major role no matter what industry. Instead of settling for a random broker who promises profits, pick one who has a good reputation!
Aided by a good agent, you can scale starry heights! The competition today has become stiff for traders as well; the need for a good broker is mighty high. Don't compromise on this, get yourself the best - call WesternFX! Our arsenal of experienced Forex brokers will guide you through every trade, and ensure consistent success!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

4 Rules for Beginners to Invest in Stock Market Exchange

With new companies emerging every day, the stock market is becoming more viable! Everyone wants to invest in shares and return with a million dollars at the end of a few years. However, of all the traders who enter stock markets, only 10% succeed. Investing in falling shares, lack of money management, overtrading, are some of the many reasons traders take a huge fall. Worry not; you can be a part of the winning 10% if you know how to maneuver around the markets.
Following these steps will help you utilize the lucrative nature of equities to the fullest:
Tips for Stock Market Investors
Stock Market Investment Tips

1) Research: There is no ironclad strategy that guarantees unending returns. Trading is a volatile field and chances are you will make more losses than profits. The goal is to make minimal losses and maximize each profit. Research is one of the prime factors that will govern whether you succeed or flunk. From underlying asset knowledge to gauging market conditions - to win, you have to know the A-Z of trading. Stay constantly informed and makes educated decisions. Learn some of the Do's and Don'ts of Stock Market here.
2) Don't Follow The Crowd: Copying professional traders will only work so much before you realize you are halfway into trading with no sense of direction! Several individuals suggest following the moves of experts. However, this ought to be done in measured quantities. Uniqueness is necessary not just to succeed, but to even thrive in stocks. Don't be consumed by the herd mentality; take your own calls!
3) Don't Hinder From The Path: Starting off, share trading will seem like a fun venture, with lots of play-space. However, each move you make has consequences! To profit in the share market needs you to stay constantly focused and disciplined. From following a strict strategy to withdrawing from tempting deals - be satisfied with the returns you get and stick to the process.
4) Never Overtrade: This might sound like a repetitive piece of advice, but has saved many trades! One of the biggest flaws several traders house is the tendency to overtrade. Investing excess trading capital in the hopes of getting back just as much is a fool's move. Contentment is key in trading. Keep strict stop orders in place and follow the 2% capital rule at all times, to ensure the wave you ride doesn't drown you.
Winning at equities isn't impossible, with the right tips; you can reach the top slowly, but surely! This isn't rocket-science, succeeding at trading only requires persistence and patience. Want to conquer share trading? Call WesternFX! Our team of forex brokers will assist you through all your ventures and ensure you come out on top!