Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Do's and Don'ts of Stock Market Trading in Thailand

Every new trader carries the same question before entering the stock markets - "is trading worth it?" That comes down to how skilled you are! Stock exchange is an incredibly lucrative platform, with healthy liquidity and a steady presence of opportunities. With traders increasing by the day, competition has stifled. Equities have transitioned from a joyride to a slippery slope! Not everybody profits; only 5-10% of traders come out successful. There's lot to learn if you're a beginner.
Here are the do's and don'ts of trading shares:

Stock Market Do's and Don'ts
Stock Market Do's and Don'ts

Stock Trading Do’s:

1)  Intense Research: Learning is the crux of trading. From chart patterns to future trends, all speculations done in a trade hinge on research. From markets to brokerage, to top the stock market, you have to research every aspect thoroughly before delving in.
2) Small Investments, Smaller Risks: Success doesn't come to those who invest $10,000 at once; it comes to those who invest $1000 in ten well-placed trades. The equities market can be very volatile, and as a beginner you are prone to make mistakes! Starting off, invest in small amounts.
3) Diversify: Inside the stock market, you will see there are numerous roads to take. Some more profitable than other, some less riskier. Diversifying is the key to surviving in share trading. Never stick to one stock thinking it will always profit, what goes up always comes down!

Stock Trading Don'ts:

1) Don't Get Greedy: Greed begets all forms of hurt, in this case, monetary and emotional! Getting greedy will cost a lot. Keep fixed gains and a risk capital for when things go out of control.
2) Don't Think Emotionally: A huge amount of traders conduct trades solely to make up for lost money. The share market is in no way lenient, and actions like these never end well. To succeed at stock exchange, research and practice is needed, not emotional decision-making. Think each move through thoroughly.
3) Don't Stagnate: Participating in the same trades like a hundred others will never work out. Agreed, following a professional trader's footsteps is a good decision, but it only works briefly. To truly win at stock exchange, diversity is necessary! Don't tread down same paths, make your own.
Gaining mastery over the stock market is a slow process. To become a professional in this field takes years of continuous research. Want to go pro? With an esteemed broker like WesternFX, you can climb the ladder of success in no time! Be it Forex trading or stocks, call us today and hire our top-notch brokerage to dominate the market!

Monday, 27 August 2018

4 Tips For Choosing a Good Forex Broker in Thailand

With over $5 trillion of trade value, Forex sits on the throne of trading! Today, currency exchange is one of the most exciting ventures for traders and brokers alike. Profits are present in abundance, but succeeding in Forex trading is easier said than done; it needs immaculate strategizing, money management and experience. Choosing the right broker tops it all; without a good firm backing your trades, leave alone profits, even breakeven will be hard!
Here are 4 things to consider while choosing a Forex broker:
How to Select Forex Brokers in Thailand
How to Select Forex Brokers in Thailand
1) Regulation: When it comes to selecting a broker, checking for regulation is a must. Forex is profitable for brokers just as much as it is for traders. Not every firm is going, to be honest in their pricing and actions! Regulatory firms like NFA, CTFC exist to maintain harmony in the trading world and keep mishaps to a minimum. Hence, before you partner up with an agency, ensure they are regulated by an established financial institution.
2) Trading Platform: These provisions facilitate a trade, and without them reading a market will be impossible! The times are changing and traders need a lot more precision to profit in currency exchange. With a good trading platform, you can avail charting tools, get real-time market analysis, and implement stop-losses, risk-management techniques seamlessly. It is substantial to ensure your Forex broker provides a top-notch platform.
3) Consistent Assistance: Even professional traders need a hand from time to time. The quality of assistance your broker provides will define your trading success. Nick-of-the-moment calls need urgent tending to; your broker should be adept and willing enough to offer 24x7 help and ensure your deals reel in good profits! Without a broker, profiting is very hard in Forex trading.
4) Currency Pairs: Forex trading houses several currency pairs, however only a few sails the high tides. USD, EUR, AUD, etc., are some of the predominantly seen currencies in Forex. However, it is advisable that traders have a diverse approach, and work around multiple currency pairs! Make sure your broker provides the prominent and lesser-known pairs to work with.
The foreign exchange market promises a lot of profits, and twice the risk. Without a good broker backing you, losses are inevitable. Get yourself a world-class broker to conquer your trades - hire WesternFX! Hire the best Forex broker in Thailand. Call us today to know more.

Monday, 20 August 2018

3 Amazing Tips To Become A Successful Futures Trader

The futures market is an incredibly profitable and fun trading genre to delve in. The interesting thing about futures is, to gain mastery over futures' commodities; you need to have a firm grip over the underlying factors affecting it! Speculating a financial asset's growth is by no means an easy job and needs a lot of experience, research, and patience. Done right, futures trading can yield tremendous profits; however, like every trade, one small misstep and off you go into the depths of losses!

Follow these tips to Trade Futures like a Pro:


Futures Trading in Thailand
Futures Trading in Thailand

1) Study The Market Completely: Futures trading is a tricky domain because of the immense volatility. Essentially, you have to predict the future of a commodity, which is easier said than done! There are several factors that will affect this price - economy, politics, even the weather! To be able to meticulously speculate an asset, you will have to know everything that is responsible for its movement. For example, if you buy shares at $10 and at the said date they increase to $15, you make $5 of profit on selling them!
2) Always Have Stop-losses in Place: More of a survival tip than a trading tip, keeping stop-losses serves multiple purposes in futures! As the name implies, stop-losses help in curbing losses. There are times when a trade goes awry in the blink of an eye; during times like these, controlling outcomes isn't possible. Hence, to keep away unfavorable outcomes, stop-loss orders are kept in place. These act as points of "potential losses" which when reached, will cause you to automatically exit the trade. Similarly, whenever a losing trend is spotted, you will be preemptively withdrawn from the trade. Keeping these in your trade will play greatly in your favor.
3) Slow and Steady Wins the Trade: Two crucial factors that will define the outcome of your Forex trading - how small you start, and how steady you climb. Several traders out of enthusiasm tend to trade 5-6 contracts per day when they should be taking baby steps with 1-2 contracts. Starting off small should suffice as you begin! Don't get greedy and lose all your capital. Additionally, the trick to improving at futures is to be patient and rise steadily. Learn to gauge the market and know which uptrend can be capitalized on and which downtrend will lead to losses; keep these in mind and handle each trade patiently, rather than for the sake of trading!
It is very easy to slip in Futures and end up at the bottom. However, with ample research and consistent practice, mastering futures is just a matter of time! Learn trading from the best - WesternFX! Our years of experience and arsenal of world-class brokers makes us one of the best in the game! Up your game of futures trading in Thailand, call us now.

Monday, 6 August 2018

How To Develop a Stellar Forex Trading Strategy?

Starting off, several traders learn to strategize by observing others. Mimicking doesn't always work but is a good first step into trading. Devising a Forex trading strategy is easy, but making it reel profits is hard. A huge misconception in currency trading is that having a good trading plan guarantees profits; it certainly doesn't! Traders employ trading strategies only to minimize losses and maximize potential profits.

Worried about developing your own Forex trading strategy? 

Follow these simple steps to develop your own Forex trading strategy:

Tips to Develop Your Forex Trading Strategy
Tips to Develop Your Forex Trading Strategy

1) Identify Your Trading Style: Before you even think of trading currencies, figure out the type of trader you are and a trading style you're favorable with. Timeframes can vary from daily, to weekly, to monthly periods. Though throughout a trader's career, he will jump across different timeframes; picking and working with one is a good start! Similarly, there are several trading styles - position trading, day trading, scalping, swing trading etc. No two are the same; so pick the one you're most comfortable with before delving in.
2) Establish Capital and Risk: A huge step traders need to take is defining an investment capital and adhering to it! Once you've established an amount, sticking to it is important. Don't treat trading like a gamble and keep pouring in money thinking it'll multiply! Once you've set the investment capital, define a reward-risk ratio - how much of your capital you can afford to risk without taking a blow, while simultaneously making profits.
3) Learn Stop-loss Implementation: Managing losses will be a mammoth challenge while trading currencies. The volatile nature of Forex trading is merciless, and even a second's carelessness can lead to huge losses. This unfavorable outcome can be avoided by implementing stop-losses. They help by automatically pulling you out of a trade when a certain amount of loss has been incurred! This can be of substantial help since you don't have to pay attention to multiple charts.
4) Keep Improving Your Strategy: This is a post-deployment test. A strategy is not permanent and will not work across all time frames and trading styles. So each time you employ a strategy, observe the shortcomings and possible room for improvements. Keep evolving your trading plan and keep it up-to-date with the trends.
The efficiency of your trading strategy will define how your trading career goes! Equipped with a good plan, succeeding at Forex trading is just a matter of time. Avail the brokerage of WesternFX, and dominate all your trades with a stellar Forex trading strategy. Our team of experienced brokers will ensure you get a tailor-made plan to win your trades!