Friday, 28 July 2017

5 Ways a Demo Trading Account can help you Become a Better Trader

No matter how much material you read on Forex trading, there’s still a lot you don’t know. People with greater knowledge than you have found themselves stumbling to find a strong foothold in the market. It all boils down to this: knowledge is power, but experience fuels that power. If you want to solidify your grasp of Forex trading in Thailand, what you need is a demo account that will equip you with the necessary skills required to succeed in the space.

What is a demo account?

It’s a ‘pretend’ account that looks and works exactly like the real thing. However, you’ll neither lose nor make any money. To put it simply, it’s analogous to taking a test drive, wherein you test out the area, find out how it works, determine if you have what it takes and then move on to the live account.

Here’s how a Forex demo can strengthen your prospects and enhance your trading performance when you make it to the live scene:

1)    Check if you’re compatible

Most get into Forex trading without even knowing if it’s something they’d like to do. There are some who might enjoy it, while others who find that it doesn’t suit their preferences or lifestyle. A demo account is a good way to check your compatibility without risking any money.

2)    Testing out new strategies

Now’s the time you can find out if all the Forex trading strategies that others claim are good, actually do work. Create a list of strategies to try out, and employ them one by one. Eventually, you’ll find a few you’ve had considerable success with and earmark those for use in real trading.

3)    Learn greater emotion management

One of the biggest setbacks traders face is when they’re unable to keep their emotions in check, and end up taking rash decisions that harm their trading account. With demo trading, Forex traders can learn to cope with their emotions such as fear, greed, and anxiety, thus building a neutral psychological mindset that’s necessary to succeed in the market.

4)    Find the right broker

In Thailand, there’s no dearth of online brokers, making it problematic for newbies to pick the right one. Through a Forex demo, traders can get an insight into what the broker has on offer, figure out if the platform is suitable for their requirements, and narrow down on a broker that’s apt for them.

5)    Enhance money management techniques

To prevent oneself from making irrational decisions that could result in massive losses, practicing money management techniques can give one greater control over their finances. A demo account that provides traders an opportunity to work with real exchange rate movements helps traders witness how such techniques translate into success in the field.

Whether you’re a newcomer or already have previous experience in trading, remember, it’s never too late to go back to square one and learn with a Forex demo account. Open a FREE account with WesternFX today, one of the best Forex brokers in Thailand and trade Forex the right way!

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